Library is the heart of the educational institution. Library department is situated in the college in peaceful place.

Working Hours: 

The library serves its users from 10.00 AM to 5.30 PM on all the working days

Seating Capacity: 

The library provides enough seating capacity for students. Separate seating arrangements have been made for faculty members.


The library maintains collection of different kinds of Books, Periodicals / Journals, Bound Journal, Exam paper, Thesis and CD ROMs
Details Total  Books  7780
Total  Titles 1504
National /international Periodicals/Journals 31
Online Free Periodi Online Free Periodicals/Journals     173
Bound Journals 328
Thesis 122
Total number of CD & learning resources 160
Newspapers 04


 D.D.C., 20th  EditioEdition

Automation:  The library data collection and services have been customized with a most advanced library software package – SOUL develop by INFLIBNET, Ahmedabad



ThrougThrough DELNET Membership, we can access Union Catalogue of books, periodicals, Cd-Roms, Thesis, Dissertation, MEDLINE and other databases of NLM, US Patents and online full text pharmaceutical journals etc

INTERNET SERVICE  & Computer Facilities

Library provides Internet service round the clock to the students and staffs free of charges for academic purposes.


Reprographic is a general term for reproduction of documents or images, so as reprographic service, library provides photocopy service at nominal charges.         


Library provides OPAC services (On Line Public Access Catalogue) to the library members for search about any type of library materials of academic interest


Library has collection of 100 + CDs & learning resources and it is available at student terminals. Any student can access the CD and get required information.


Library is maintaining question paper banks of local sectionals / mid semester examination paper and GTU final examination paper for ready reference for students and faculties     

Examination papers file prepare in two ways, Year wise and subject wise. Subjective examination file is issue for one day.


CAS is provided to the member to keep themselves up to date about collection and latest information. Library provides various types of current awareness services through display like,

-         List of new arrival books.

-         List of new arrival periodicals / journals

-         Newspaper clipping.

-         Display photocopy of research paper published in national / international   

           journal of  staff and students.-        

-          Downloaded articles related to the area of pharmacy are also displayed.  

Inter Library Loan System:

The library provide maximum services of information needed by the faculty and students of the college by inter library loan system with other educational institution of the Vardhman Bharti Trust . Reciprocally, the library lends books to other libraries for limited period of time.  


Sr. No Staff Name Designation Qualification Experience
1 Mr. Mahesh R Parmar Librarian M.Li.Sc. 12 years