Attendance :

  • Attendance is an important factor in C.U.Shah College of Pharmacy & research. As per university rules during the academic year, students are supposed to have at least 80% attendance for lectures and 90% attendance for laboratory hours in individual subject.
  • The students who fail to fulfill the above mentioned criteria will not be allowed to appear in university examination. Thus, one may loose a year of his/her career due to the shortage of attendance. Only those students fulfilling the attendance criteria are eligible to appear in the external examination.
  • It is also mandatory to remain present in all Lectures/Practicals on each day. Remaining absent in even one lecture/practical without permission will not be allowed.
  • Students will have to attend all theory and laboratory hours during working days from the first day of the academic year. In case of absence due to unavoidable circumstances prior permission from the Principal is to be taken. In case of sickness, students will have to produce medical certificate with an application from their parents or guardians. In such a case parents/guardians should inform the authorities immediately telephonically as well in written form.

Other Important

  • During the teaching hours the main lobby, all the corridors and the area surrounding the library are to be observed as silent zones. Students who cause any disturbance, such as loud noise or vehicular hours in these zones shall be liable to a fine at the discretion of the authorities.
  • Students should strike a proper balance between extracurricular activities and academic requirements. Students participation in extracurricular activities will not be allowed to interfere in their academic schedule
  • Students will not indulge in any kind of misconduct or indiscipline within or outside the campus
  • Students will not indulge in any antisocial activities and will not form a group causing any hindrance to the academic and administrative activities of the college. Those found found doing so will be punished and disciplinary action will be taken by the authorities
  • Students should not damage the property of the institute cost of such damage will be recovered from students, parents/guardian of the students.
  • Students must carry their own identity card in campus and produce it when on request. In case of loss or damage the concerned authority should be informed immediately
  • Students are strictly prohibited to posses or consume tobacco, tobacco products & narcotic drugs in and out of the campus. Students found violating these instructions will be rusticated immediately without warning.
  • Ragging in any form inside or outside the campus is strictly prohibited by law. Any students found ragging other students will be summarily expelled from the institute.
  • NO mobile phones will be allowed in campus. Those who needs to bring the same must switch it off inside the campus. In case of violation mobile phone will be confiscated and subsequently the punishment may be higher.
  • Students must remain present in campus in scheduled time. NO student should leave the campus before stipulated period without permission from authority.

 Sessional Examination:

In a academic year three sessional examination are carried out each of 20 marks of in each subject. The average of any two sectionals examination marks obtained will be sent to the university as internal marks. At least 40% marks in theory and 45% marks in practical must be obtained to pass in each subject. AS PER G.T.U. NORMS.


The college has appointed a counselor from among the teacher for every class. Students can approach the counsellor with any issues or problems - academic or personal. Further they report their difficulties to GRIEVANCE COMMITTEE for rapid action on the matters.